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The Birth of Jazz in New Orleans

Origin of Jazz

Jazz music find his origin in Black American Culture.

Born at the beginning of XX Century, there is a inspiration of three musical stream :




The City of New Orleans in the State of Louisiana represent the historical cradle.

The prémices of a new musical genre

The story of Jazz is tied with the life of slaves, singing in the cotton fields. They express their miserable conditions and distress accompagned with the repetitive sound of their tools.

This work songs are the origin of Blues, Negro-Spiritual and Gospel.

Ragtime, precursor of Jazz see the light of day in Storyville the red light district of New-Orleans in the year of 1890 to 1910.

The work in the fields...


Buddy Bolden in Storyville...

The emergence of New Orleans Jazz

This festive and popular form of music is born in the street and performed by bands, they played for each accasion (Weddings, funerals and other celebrations...).

This ambulant orchestral bands, issues from fanfares, use horns section and percussions. Collective improvisation is very présent.

When this music conquiers Louisiana cabarets, piano and drums add to primary instrument to form New Orleans Jazz (played by black musicians) or Dixieland (played by white musicians).

The legandary and awesome cornetist Buddy Bolden passed horns section at a first melodic plan.

The origin of term Jazz is very obscure and controversy. We find this term write for the first time in the 1917 New York press, for the occasion of release of the vinyl of the Original Dixieland Jass Band, a white orchestra.

Jazz emigration direction North

Until 1914, this music is very spread and each bar feature a New Orleans jazz band. When first world war came, the city is transformed in a port of war. Three years later all the Storyville night clubs are closed by the Navy, forced the musicians to left for better horizons.

This is how this music comes from New-Orleans to cities like New York, Kansas City and mostly Chicago. This city gave more opportunity for working and became the new capital of jazz, enticing the birth of Chicago Dixieland.

It's in Chicago around 1923, that the first recording came to light and the most iconic tunes came to birth. This are played by the Néo Orleans immigrant King Oliver and the Original Céole Jazz Band, of which is part Louis Armstrong.

Actually, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival revive the spirit and authentic style of the primary Afro-Amarican music, who seduced the world over. This event held each year in New Orleans between April and May...

Some great Name :

Louis Armstrong : trumpet (1900-1971), Sidney Bechet : clarinet/saxophone (1891-1959), King Oliver : cornet (1885-1938), Jelly Roll Morton : piano (1890-1941), Kid Ory : trombone (1886-1973)

"Saveurs du Sud Jazz Band"

Festive New Orleans Jazz Band, "Saveurs du Sud" is mixed with musicians who have meet at different Jazz Festivals and there are sharing passion for Old Jazz from the 1920/1930.

They performs in Acoustic or with a small sound system for little concerts or events, and they play tunes and songs from this big names in Jazz like Sidney Béchet, Clarence Williams, Louis Armstrong, etc...

With they warm and communicative New Orleans music style, "Saveurs du Sud Jazz Band" create for each Concerts or Events a very special and warm atmosphere.

The Jazz Band performs with or without a Singer for Concerts or Company's or Private Events.

This concept that we develop is to give to organisators differents formulas with or without singers (see our page with our differents formulas).

This opening concept is a great  possibility to invite  a lots of musicians.

All our shows are each time differents, musically and we have each time a new set list.

Music allows to express emotions and to talk to each other, its essence is to share, and stage is to feel the energy of the public.

"Saveurs du Sud Jazz Band" performs in  France, Germany, Switzerland, etc..., for this opportunity :

Concerts, Jazz Festivals, Jazz Clubs,

For Companys : Coktail, Inauguration, Séminar, VIP réception, Open doors, Congress, End of the Year evenings,

For Private events : Anniversary, Brunch, Jazz Dinner under friends,Coktail, Wedding Ceremony,

Jazz réception in Restaurant,

Retirement Home.